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 We are Hunters!!  Our passion for hunting in pursuit of mature elk and mule deer has grown over time and brought us here.  The Rocky Mountains of the Western United States is what we call home.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the hunter with a coveted limited entry tag in hand, looking for the trophy of a lifetime or the hunter with a general season public land tag,  the mindset is usually the same: remote area , low hunting pressure, good habitat, with lots of game. This has been a key to our success and llamas are the driving force behind it.  We have come to trust and rely on our team of pack llamas and we can’t imagine hunting without them.  

This mindset has cultivated our ambitions and helped us harnessed 4 generations of hunting into a lifestyle we now call Heaven at 10k.  



We have developed and patented the most unique swivel bracket system on the market.  This custom design allows 180 degree turn radius from side to side displaying your trophy in any postion.


From Western Big Game to African Dangerous Game you will find no better way to display your shoulder or pedistal mounts.  Our Double pivot system work only on animlas up to the size of a Mature Mule Deer, our Single pivot systems will hold double the weight and are used for much bigger game Elk, Moose, Buffalo ect.  These work great for wall clearance for those Big Elk that hit the wall.  We also make custom brackets for those who need more clearance.  Please email with those orders or any questions you might have.






Go Farther, Stay Longer, Hunt Harder!!   Llamas solve a big problem for most back country enthusiast. If you are backpack hunter looking to extend your distance away from access roads llamas are a viable option. A friend of mine first introduced to llamas in 2013 said it best when telling his hunting buddies why he uses llamas: “More gear in, more meat out, longer hunting trips, and better food”. 

Hunting remote areas in the fall months has always been a tradition as well as an adventure for us. At each years end the desire to return to the untamed is ever present. Llamas have allowed us to experience our backcountry adventures on a new level giving us the opportunity to go farther, stay longer and hunt harder.







                                                                                                                  HIGHCOUNTRY HUNTRESS

Featuring and supporting the Women that hunt.  We love sharing and helping the female hunting community grow there passion for the sport.  HCH is more then just a brand its a lifestyle.  Follow us on all our social media pages and help support the Women that Hunt. We have HCH decals and apparel in our products section.


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